Resilience needs to be nurtured and sustained. It is a process, and like a plant that needs watered, your resilience needs boosted. Below are some of the activities introduced in the SOS section, designed as longer practices that you can build into your everyday life to maintain your resilience.


Helen introduces us to what mindfulness is and brings us through a short 5 minute mindfulness exercise. Feel the power of being present.

Professor Helen Noble

Art Journaling

by Oonagh Linden

You don’t have to be an artist to create, explore Zen doodling and make your own affirmation cards – Oonagh shows you how.


30 Minute Yoga practice by Christine Brown Wilson

Have a go and experience the power of yoga at the beginning of your day, in the middle or at the end. No equipment required just an interest and a willingness to move!

Exercise and Nutrition

by Dr Ciara Close

In this podcast Ciara talks about exercise and nutrition and shares some tips on making exercise and healthy eating enjoyable rather than a chore.

Exercise and Nutrition
Dr Ciara Close

Dr Claire McEvoy highlights how eating ‘on the go’ requires preplanning to ensure the maximum benefit for both you and your clients.

Sleep Hygiene

5 Steps to Good Sleep Hygiene

Have an active day avoid naps if possible

No caffeine-based drinks 6 hours before sleep

Regular bedtime routine

Remove all electronic devices from your room, (no TV, phones etc)

If sleep will not come, sit up and wait, you can try again.

Top Tip
Use your butterfly hug and safe calm place to aid relaxation.

Sleep Hygiene

by Colin Hughes

Some handy hints from Colin on how to achieve a better night’s sleep. "Don't make your bedroom a worry room.'

Sleep Hygiene
Colin Hughes


by Christine Brown Wilson

Christine invites us to join her in a short, guided meditation to both relax and revive.

Meditation – calming and energising
Christine Brown Wilson

Christine guides us through a meditation practice helpful for sleep.

Meditation for Sleep
Christine Brown Wilson

Resilience is Individual

Resilience is individual and as individuals we find positive ways of boosting our resilience.

Alabi Omowunmi Zainab - Care Home Nurse

Omowunmi shares how time and space to be alone are important to building resilience.

Shauna and Olivia explain why resilience is important in domiciliary care and how they maintain and build resilience.

Value and Connection

Connection builds resilience, allows for the sharing of experience and is protective.

Maria explains how important social care staff have been to her as a ‘constant’ in family life. She explains how resilience is a two-way process built and maintained by positive relationships.

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